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Vastu Products

Vastu Shastra is the ancient science that promotes living with natural forces in harmony and peace. It is a set of Vedic guidelines that decode the laws of nature and their effect on human beings and our living spaces. Vastu science uses directions, geography, physics, architecture, environment and understanding of the five basic elements Akash (Sky), Prithvi (Earth), Paani (Water), Agni (Fire), and Vayu (Wind) to form a harmonious balance between humans and nature.

Vastu Dosha

When these five elements are out of balance, the energies are disturbed, affecting the overall aura of a dwelling. Such premises are said to have Vastu Dosha. When it is difficult to change the orientation, position and choice of activity in a particular direction, Vastu products are used for correcting this Vastu Dosha. Vastu items assist in reducing the effects of wrong elements and alignments in the house. Vibrations of sound, light and waves are the main factors to reinforce the virtues in the house. These parameters are used through mediums like colours, metals, wood, water, crystals, pyramids, stones and mystique curves in designing Vastu products for homes and offices.

Vastu products for Vastu Dosha

In astrology, every planet has its aura in crystals, in certain stones and specific metals. Planetary vibrations also have strength and positivity in particular directions. Vastu products like Yantras use this principle to great benefit. Yantras are empowered geometrical configuration devices which are worshipped and energised for inviting auspiciousness in any living space.

In addition to Yantras, Vastu products for home and offices include pyramids, crystals, metals, deity idols and even herbs. When used under the guidance of a Vastu expert, these Vastu items can significantly improve the virtues of directions and reduce the effect of malefic planetary energy. You can use auspicious Vastu products such as bells with Trishul for improving sound vibrations, Yantras for positive energy and auspicious planetary mantras.

Chakra Vastu Kit

For people buying a plot of land or new property, Vastu Dosha can be corrected using a Chakra Vastu kit. This comprises Vastu items that are kept or buried in the centre of the property, in the region of the the Vastu Purush’s navel. This can improve the positive vibrations of the new premises.

On this website, you can choose from a vast selection of Vastu products for vastu dosha. You can determine the orientation and direction of your living space with a Vastu compass. Once you have made a study, you can opt from a range of Vastu items to harness powerful planetary radiations and removing malefic energies from your dwelling space.