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Number of beads in a rosaryFor the worship and rituals of almost all the gods and goddesses, the Japa or continuous chanting of mantras is required with definite number. This Japa of the Gods, Goddess, Gurus or Navagraha bestows fulfillment of desires and grace of the deity. In this case a mala or rosary is the best means to count beads while chanting the mantra. It can be asked why there are only 108 beads in a Mala neither more nor less?

At first it tells us how many times we have counted the mantra. Secondly a subtle electric current is created in the mind by rubbing of the thumb with finger. This electric current influences the heart through Vegas Veins and makes the mind concentrate deeply. According to astronomy there are 27 constellations (group of start) in the universe and each constellation (group of stars) has four quadrants (charan) hence there are 24x4 = 108 quadrants in all. The constellation has again been divided into 12 equal parts corresponding 12 signs of zodiac and there are only 9 planets in the universe if we multiply them together the result will be 108 [12x9 = 108]. Thus 108 is the best number to join the Individual consciousness with the Absolute Consciousness. The extra one bead is the Sumeru bead used to signify the end of one round.

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