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Parad Bead (Siddh Gutika)

Parad Bead (Siddh Gutika). Complete with 8 Samkaras. Ancient Vedas have considered Parad as the most pure and auspicious metal which not only has religious importance but medical importance too.

Parad is also very useful in controlling various diseases like High Blood Pressure and Asthma and increases Sex Power. Parad has special significance in Ayurveda too. Parad benefits range from Astrological to Scientific.

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Uses of Mercury/Parad Bead: (Siddh Gutika)

 By keeping solid mercury upon the top of the head, the Kundalini-Shakti will gradually awaken in course of time and the siddhi will be obtained.

By using solid Mercury, will-power can be increased to a great extent CURE OF ALL DISEASES It can cure all kinds of diseases. It makes the physical body powerful, agile and lustrous. Solid Mercury ball should be dipped 4 times only (not more) in 200 ml of raw milk and then it should be taken before the night sleep. In order to get rid of all diseases, the aforesaid milk should be continuously taken for a minimum of 41 days and maximum 3 months without any break.Drinking water of Siddh Gutika helps in overcoming depression, tension and worries. For this keep siddh gutika for 5 minutes in water and then drink it.If worn on right hand it keeps evils away, controls high blood pressure and protects from untimely death.

Keeping the Siddh gutika with you or wearing a bracelet of mercury beads on right hand during hearing of court cases gives favorable decisions.

Siddh gutika when worn by students increases their memory and grasping power.

The Mercury ball should be tied on the throat in such a way that it is in close contact with the skin . This will cure such brain diseases and remove fears and evil effects. Siddh Gutika can be kept near pillow while sleeping to prevent from nightmares and black magic.

A necklace of mercury beads should be worn on body. It will prevent the attack of evil spirits upon the body.

The Mercury ball should be worn on the right upper arm to cure heart-diseases.

In case of any kind of pain on the surface of the body, the mercury ball should be fixed on that portion during night sleep or day time with an adhesive plaster so that the affected body skin touches the ball. The ball should be kept on the body-skin until the pain is completely cured. The mercury ball should be kept in pure Ghee or oil for 24 hours and it should be massaged on any part of the body for the cure of pain. The Ghee or oil must be cool. For digestive problems , constipation , gas in stomach , headache etc the the Mercury ball should be kept at the naval point for 15/20 minutes daily until recovery.

The Mercury ball should be kept on closed eye-lids with the help of cloth bandage for 15 minutes daily at the time of night sleep. The ball should be kept in cold water for 24 hours and then the water should be sprinkled into eye-balls daily in the morning.

During long foot journey to pilgrimages etc. The ball should be tied on the waist in close contact with skin . This would prevent tiredness and fatigue.

In order to know the type of mineral (like gold, silver, copper, iron , etc) mixed in any kind of fruit, flower, plant, leaves, stone or water, the solid Mercury ball should be kept in water or squeezed juice or powdered form of that commodity for one hour and the concerned mineral will slowly change the colour of ball. The ball should be taken out of juice or water or powder after one hour and be dried up in air. You will see that Mercury ball has taken the colour of mineral mixed in that commodity.

In general the body of each person is constituted of one specific matter like sky, air, fire, water, earth according to their planetary birth-time. The other four types of matter remain as complementary elements in the same body. In order to know this particular element, the Mercury ball should be hung in the neck. When the ball becomes dirty with the perspiration of physical body, it changes its colour like blue, violet, red, white, or green according to the above mentioned five principal matters. This colour will indicate his particular Tattva or matter in the body. This experience can be gained only when body is perspiring during summer season.

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    Dear Neeta Thanks for arranging the Parad Shiv ling. It is really exquisite. Let me thank you profusely for the gift hamper, with tons of freebies - shows Neeta's care for the customer. with wishes Laksman close

    - Ramakrishna Laksman
  • I become more spiritual

    After wearing this parada + Rudraksha mani I become more spiritual. I think and I feel I am protected and guided by spiritual powers. Dr. Srivatsa close

    - Dr. Srivatsa
  • After wearing the Parad Gutika all of the nightmares went away

    Hi Everyone, I will tell you a story about my son and his wearing of the Siddh parad gutika. My son had terrible nightmares in which he would wake up and run throughout the house, it would happen almost every other night. I would often find it disturbed my sleep as well as his. About two years ago he thought something was after him so he locked his bedroom door. Took the air conditioner out of the second story window and jumped down to the ground. He then proceeded about four blocks away and found his way into a neighbors home and into their bedroom. My wife and I got a call from them about 2: close

    - K. E.
  • Very satisfied client of parad ring

    Dear Ms. Neeta, I am a very satisfied client of parad ring. I have received many blessings and good fortune since I have worn it. Nothing more, I wanna tell you but three words only "God Bless You". Regards, M. Patel close

    - M. Patel
  • I have had great success helping people

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the parad items you offer at Rudra centre. I have had great success helping people with the beads, please pass on my gratitude to the guru who makes them and tell him I am very grateful. OM NAMAH SHIVAYA, John David Brodie close

    - John David Brodie
  • I wish I could buy everything on your web site

    I got my rudrakshas and the Parad Linga, and I cannot tell you how pleased I am. Compared to the other Parad Lingam I bought first, not having found the rudraksha-ratna.com site, it does not compare. I wish I had not wasted the money on one that was not properly prepared. I am so glad that I found your site. I am eager to purchase more and more from you. I wish I could buy everything on your web site! Thank you so much for the excellent customer service. I had to beg and plead to get other places to acknolwedge my emails. I will happily tell others about your site, and I hope to also be a part close

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  • Really in shock

    I already wrote one testimonial about my Parad Lingam, but now I have to say something about the rudrakshas. I am completely in awe of the fast changes that are happening to me. In fact, I actually wish that there was a warning as to how strong they could be for sensitive people! Please warn the others! I have been using some standard 5 mukhi japa malas for years for wearing and chanting, but none that were truly blessed in a puja, only by my Satguru. I initially ordered a 3 mukhi and 7 mukhi for me and my husband. It was nice to get them....and I could feel that the diffficulties in my life, close

    - Nitya Sri
  • Prompt professional service

    Hello Neeta and all at Rudra centre, I just wanted to let you know I have just received my parcel with a lovely large Parad Gutika and nice free gift of Rudraksha mala. I am so amazed at the speed which you got my order to me and the professional and wonderful packaging that the bead was in. This beautiful box that holds my parad is suitable even to put on the altar. I�m very impressed. I did get an 11 mukhi Rudraksha from you about four years ago and it is still beautiful and powerful. I will definitely be purchasing from you again! You have made a loyal customer and I am once again amazed close

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  • All lingas arrived in a very well packaged box

    Thanks Neeta. All lingas arrived in a very well-packaged box. The emerald linga is most breathtaking. The parad linga\'s yoni was perfect for a ruby linga that I had procured a couple of years back from a minerologist in Karnataka. I was always looking for a yoni for him and this one fit as though it had been constructed for him, perfectly. Cordially, Will close

    - Will
  • Parad Mani Ring And Rudraksh Mala

    Namaste! I recieved the great Parad Mani Ring & the gift Rudraksh Mala in tact yesterday evening. I have no words to explain the beauty of this divine tool indeed. It exceeded my expectations boundless. The same appreciation applies to the gift item - Rudraksh Mala. I shall be thankful and indebted to your compassionate service to the mankind. I don\'t dare to call it as business but a pious and serene service. I just mean it. As advised by you, I\'ll wear it on Monday the 19th Aug 2013 morning while performing my daily pooja to Lord Mahadev. The only way to express my gratitude is to pass on close

    - Ramesh Chalamalasetti
  • You're services very curious

    Hello vanakam. I first of all say very thankful to all people's in Rudra centre. I bought some rudraksha, parad bracelet, lashmi kavacham, catseye bracelet and now latest I ordered navaratna bracelet also. You're product is really fantastic. You're services very curious. I recommend to my friends also. Once again I say thanks to your best service and the show also was doing very fast delivery. Even Sunday also they delivered to me. close

  • Feel blessed

    Hai first i order beal patra and than i order parad shivling im so bleesed to have shivling becouse mahadav is everything for me n i was tring to get shivling finaly i got rudra centre thank you so much for such a spirituals things. Lots of love from me 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 close

    - Bhakti
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