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About Gold Coins

With increasing prices and lesser savings you might already know that the right investment makes the best future. And investing in gold is the right decision since it is a valuable asset whose value is always on the rise. The only problem is to purchase gold from the right seller since there have been a lot of complaints about its purity and fake promises made by regular sellers. Certified gold is the safest way of making sure that the gold is pure in its value. Imagine if this assurance is clubbed with spirituality, the value of such investment will become higher nonetheless. Rudraksha Ratna collections have come up with something meticulous the requirement with its Gold Coin collection.

The God gold coin collection is a wonderful way of investment that also makes for a memorable gift for your close ones. With the kind of religious beliefs associated with gold and its stature, these spiritual gold coins are definitely a great way of adding divinity to home temples as offerings. And if you have doubts about the purity of gold, you can rest assured it's the purest since the 24 carat gold coin of this collection are from the trusted National India Bullion Refinery.

The 24 carat gold coins are packed and presented in an attractive vacuumed cover that holds the coin intact showing the touch of gold and the weight of the 24 carat gold coin on it. The coins are available in different weight specifications that offer variety of options ranging from 2 gm to 10 gm. The 2 gm pure gold coin is 2mm wide with a diameter of 17mm. As for the 5 gm pure gold coin, they exhibit a pure 24 carat 20mm diameter. For people aiming for higher gold investment a 10 gm pure gold coin is also available with 24 carat purity in a 26mm diameter dimension. If you desire to build your investment in gold of best quality and purity, place your trust in Rudra Centre.