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About Shree Yantra for Wealth, Abundance

Sri Yantra Meaning

The Sri Yantra sacred geometry is an ancient and popular Yantra. Its meaning in the literal sense is, Sri means 'wealth' and Yantra means 'instrument' (device). The auspicious Sri Yantra symbol is a magnet of the energies of wealth and prosperity, emanating positive vibrations where ever it is installed or kept, makes it a well-known and the desired instrument across the world. it is a symbolic representation of Hindu Gods and Goddesses which clearly explain how powerful it is. It draws cosmic rays and converts them into positive vibrations. However, the Shree Yantra is a Universal symbol and not religion specific. No wonder that magnificent Sri Yantra is also sometimes kept by Muslims, Christians, Parsis and people of other religion as it works on the theory of Cosmic rays, which is Universal and belongs to everyone.

The Shri Yantra Mandala is a Multi Pyramid Geometric Grid which is available in 2 dimensions or 3 dimension form. The 2 dimensional Shree Yantra drawing is carefully etched on metal plates and available as Copper Sri Yantras and pure Silver Shree Yantras. The drawing of the Hindu concept of evolution of the cosmos is represented by 9 intertwined Isosceles triangles which should be engraved on the plates perfectly to ensure maximum benefits. Similarly, the 3-dimensional form has to be crafted meticulously to gain the Sri Yantra benefits.

Vedic Hindu texts say that merely seeing the abundant Sri Yantra is equivalent to performing one hundred Ashvamegha Yajnas (Horse sacrifice). Worshipping the Sri Yantra is worshipping the mighty goddess Mahatripur Sundari, as this sacred symbol is Her Divine abode. Meditating on this geometry aligns the energies of the Yantra with you. The centre (Bindu) is the place to focus upon the Shree Yantra for concentration and meditation. The metal plate Sri Yantras can be installed at home or it can be carried in wallet etc. It should b energized before you start using it for its energies to be activated.

How to Energize Shree Yantra?

Whether it is a Shree Yantra home/workspace/shop/factory or is intended to be carried in wallet/purse energize it first before Shree Yantra sthaapana. You can do it in a few simple steps at home as given below:

  • Friday is the day to install this sacred geometry
  • The previous night soak it in saline water overnight (Thursday night). This takes away all negativity from the crystal
  • Then take it out, wash in normal water and keep on moist earth (mud) under sunlight for few hours for charging. You can then perform the Puja vidhi.
  • Place Yantra on a plate and bathe it with water, and milk mixed with saffron.
  • Wash with water again. Sprinkle water where the Yantra is to be kept, light incense and chant "Aim Hreem Namah".
  • Place a Yellow cloth and place Yantra on it. The Yantra should be always kept on Yellow sheet/cloth.
  • Apply Kum Kum/ Sandal paste and a Coral mala on the Yantra. A Shivling also should be placed near the Yantra during Pran Prathistha or energizing.
  • Offer Yellow flowers, Gur (jaggery), raw turmeric and incense to the Yantra.
  • The following Shree Yantra mantra should be chant 108 times on a Lotus seed rosary:
    Shree Yantra Mantra:
    "Om, Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamle Kamalalaye Praseed, Praseed,
    Shreem, Hreem Shreem Om Mahalaxmaye Namah"
  • After energizing or Pran Prathistha, cover the Shree Yantra with red cloth and keep it that way.

It is said that after energizing if you do Sri Yantra meditation by focusing on the centre (Bindu) of the Yantra it serves to align with its energies. Treat the Sri Yantra with respect and devotion.

Worship the sacred Sri Yantra every Friday without lifting from where it is installed (seat). Take off the Red cloth, make offerings of fresh Yellow flowers, Gur, raw Turmeric, incense to the Sri Yantra. On the other days just see or do 'darshan' of the Yantra and pray. On important auspicious days like Purnima, Diwali, Navratri etc., it should be worshipped.

Where to Place or Keep Shree Yantra?

The Shri Yantra Mandala should be placed in the East of the residence or workplace, facing the West. The back can be placed against the wall. It is best to install the sacred Sri Yantra at the height of your chest or Heart Chakra. The Yantra should be visible from all the places. It is a powerhouse of Divine energies and energises the place where it is kept.

Where to Buy Shree Yantra:

Rudra Centre has a wide collection of flawless metal Shree Yantras which can be bought sitting in the comfort and safety of your home. Buy original Shree Yantra online from us by choosing from Yantras in pure Silver, Copper, 24 carats Gold plated Copper Yantras and other variations at great prices. Silver Shree Yantra price is higher than Shree Yantra Copper online price because of obvious reasons. We offer blessed and energized Shree Yantras which are ready to use for home, wallet, which will reach you within 2-3 days.

Sri Yantra (Shree Yantra) Benefits

  • The sacred Sri Yantra ushers in prosperity, wealth and abundance.
  • For name, fame, good fortune, installing it, is apt.
  • This benevolent sacred geometry is a wish-fulfilling tool.
  • It is excellent to use these for concentration as it increases focus and concentration. This can be useful especially for students.
  • This powerful Yantra helps to walk and progress in the spiritual path.
  • It cleanses the lower energies of space and fills it with positivity and power.
  • It brings happiness, beauty, material fulfilment to life and bestows totality and success in all aspects of life.