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It acclaims the highest position in the Hindu Mythology. The shape of any Rudraksha resembles like our brain. The Rudraksha stores the energy for a very long time. The speciality of any Rudraksha is its positivity. It doesn't do any harm to the user. The quality and effectiveness of any Rudraksha differs according to its "Mukhs" or divisions on Rudraksha.

In Rudraksha therapy, we learn how to work on different problems of life and diseases with Rudraksha. Rudraksha beads have the power to cure an individual physically as we as mentally. It has been proven over the years that Rudraksha bead help in alleviating problems related to stress, depression, anxiety and other emotional and mental disorders. On a physical level Rudrakshas have proven to cure heart ailments, diabetes, arthritis and many other fatal diseases.

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  • Energy of your rudrakshas is the best we have found anywhere

    Dear Neetaji, Wow! I can't believe it. The 4mm rudraksha strands arrived this morning by Fed Ex, the day after I paid for them on your website. That's pretty amazing! Thank you again; Maharishi will be very pleased. The quality and energy of your rudrakshas is the best we have found anywhere. Since last year we have ordered several strands from you and all have been of excellent quality. Thank you again for all you do. Take care Sindhuma Ishaya close

    - Sindhuma Ishaya
  • I was wrong in doubting its power

    Neeta ji namaste I have again started to enjoy the energy of my Mala,I was wrong in doubting its power. Concerning the benefit which am getting/feeling you asked me not to show my Mala then will it no be considered as egoism? Should not the power of Shiva be shared so as to let others to benefit.? regards close

    - Kishore
  • Has been very beneficial to me

    Dear Neetaji, How are you?Its been a long time since we last interacted..Hope all is fine and well.The rudraksha mala I received has been very benificial to me ..thank you very much..I would now like to order for a 14 mukhi rudraksha,just as you earlier recommended.I would like to wear it on my right arm normally and on ajna chakra during meditations. Looking forward to an early response. Thanking you sajit shashidharan. close

    - Sajit shashidharan
  • Impressed immensly at the moment of wearing the mala

    Dear Neeta, Namaste. I received the package over a week ago, I gave it as a gift to a friend of mine who opened it just yesterday. I am writing to express how pleased I am with the whole act itself. The mala was lovingly protected, the tape is beautiful and the book helpful and explicit. My friend was impressed immensly at the moment of wearing the mala and feeling its energy. We are overly grateful. Thank you again and again for such a quick and profesional work on something as sacred and delicate as rudrakshas. Many blessings and best wishes, Luz close

    - wala mona
  • Will surely protect me

    Dear Ms. Neeta I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am with the beautiful Ruby and Durga-Mala ordered by Mr. Thomas Primas and which you assembled especially for me. The mala ist not only beautiful to look at, but also filled with a lovely energy, which will surely protect me and help me from now on. I really love to wear it! Thank you also for sending the two jewels so quickly. They arrived right on time and were offered to me as Christmas presents. What a wonderful surprise! Warm regards Isabelle Kramer close

    - Isabelle Kramer
  • HapyNewYear2004

    Aum Namah Shivaya Namaste NeetaJi Accept my wish for a very happy new year 2004.I thank you and Shiva for the spiritual path of life you've showed me.The chanting of the Beeja Mantras every day during 45 minutes has nearly aproached me to GOD.If I haven't got my Rudraksh Mala by your intermediary I would not have lived all these wonderful experiences that everyday I'm living.Thank you again and may God bless you with all the goodneses Kishore Mungroo , Mauritius close

    - Kishore Mungroo
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