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Who is Maa Siddhidatri?

Maa Siddhidatri

One of the most divine forms of Maa Durga is known as Siddhidatri Mata. The word Siddhidatri comes by joining two Sanskrit words “Siddhi” which means perfection while the word “datri” means one who provides or bestows. The word Siddhidatri does mean the Goddess who grants perfection in every activity that Her devotees undertake.

Goddess Siddhidatri is one of the nine forms of Goddess Durga. She is worshipped on the 9th day of Navratri. Navami is the Navratri Ninth Day which is considered as the highly auspicious day of the Navaratri festival. It is on this ninth day that Goddess Siddhidatri is worshipped.

Planet Ketu is ruled by Goddess Siddhidatri. She is the Supreme power who rules the mind of Her devotee and offers motivation to lead a disciplined life that is spiritually elevated. Worshipping Her with complete devotion is said to appease the Goddess who in turn blesses the Sadhaka with great Siddhis. Moreover, She also removes all the fear and puts an end to all the sufferings Her devotees face. She is also known for fulfilling desires and offering true knowledge.

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The Markandaya Purana mentions that there are eight major Siddhis namely the Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakamya, Ishitva, and Vashitva whereas, the Bramavaivart Purana mentions that there are 18 types of Siddhis that Goddess Siddhidatri offer. Theses Siddhis are Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakamya, Ishitva, Vashitva, Sarvakaamaal, Saadhita, Sarvagynatva, Durshravana, Parkaayapraveshan, Vakasiddhi, Kalpavrushatva, Shrishti, Samharkaransaamarthya, Amaratva, Sarvanyayakatva, Bhavana and Siddhi.

9th Day of Navratri 2023

Date :
Magha Gupta Navratri - 30th Jan 2023, Monday
Ashadha Gupta Navratri - 27th June 2023, Tuesday
Chaitra Navratri Date 2023 – 30th March 2023, Thursday

Maa Siddhidatri Mantra: “Om Hreem Saha Siddhidatryai Namah”
Color : Pink

Iconography of Siddhidatri Maa

Mata Siddhidatri is the original form of Goddess Parvati. According to the iconography, She is seen draped in a red saree sitting on a Lotus flower which is completely bloomed. She holds weapons in all Her four hands. In Her right upper hand, She holds a discuss on Her index finger. She holds a conch shell in Her left upper hand. She holds a mace in Her right lower hand and a lotus in Her left lower hand. Cladded in ornaments and a beautiful fresh flower garland around Her neck, Siddhidatri Devi looks extremely divine and beautiful in this form.

Siddhidatri Mata ki Katha/ Maa Siddhidatri Story

Maa Siddhidatri

The origin of Navam Siddhidatri is awe-striking. When the universe was only a huge void totally brimming with dimness, there was nothing! No light, no species, no creation, no time, no nature. It was then that a beam of celestial light spread all over the place. This light was so divine and bright that it covered every bit of the void making it visible and lit. This ocean of light was amorphous. After a few moments, this light abruptly began taking a specific shape which ultimately took the form of Goddess Mahashakti Herself. The Supreme Goddess brought into existence, the Trinity of Gods namely Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahadev. Mahashakti made the Trinity understand the reason for their existence.

She guided all the three Lords to observe and understand the respective part each one of them would perform along with their pre-determined set of contributions and responsibilities in order to fulfill their duties towards the world. Obeying the instructions of Goddess Mahashakti, the Tridev walked towards an ocean and in a seated position performed atonements for a very long period of time. Appeased with their dedication and obedience, the Divine Goddess showed up before them in Her most divine form which was of Siddhidatri Mata.

Goddess Siddhidatri gifted the Trinity abundantly with many Siddhis. In addition to this, She blessed Lord Brahma with a Spouse who was no other than Her own form, Goddess Saraswati. She then blessed Lord Vishnu with a consort who was again a divine form of Siddhidatri Mata Herself which was that of Goddess Lakshmi. She also blessed Lord Shiva with a consort who was again one of Her most divine forms, Goddess Parvati.

She then assigned Lord Brahma the role of being the one who would create the world, She entrusted Lord Vishnu with the duty to preserve the creation and the creatures that She would produce and She assigned Mahadev with the job of devastating the universes when the time comes. She also informed them that their powers reside in the form of their respective consorts and that their wives would assist them in performing the assigned tasks. She also assured them that She would be blessing each one of them with additional powers and Siddhis which will help them to complete their tasks.

With Her immense Teja (splendor), Goddess Siddhidatri created more other Gods, demons, demigods, the galaxies, universes, planets, solar system, flowers, the trees, the land, the water bodies, the animals, mountains, fishes, birds and everything that co-exists. All the flora and fauna thus came into being and the fourteen worlds were established at the same time. Hence, in Her Siddhidatri form, the Goddess is seen worshipped by Asuras, Devas, Gandharvas, Yakshas, and all the other creations of the world.

As mentioned in the Devi Purana, Siddhidatri Mata was appeased by the Lord Shiva’s worship and blessed Him with eight Siddhis namely

Anima- Supernatural power to shrink or soul
Mahima- Supernatural power to enlarge
Garima- Supernatural power to become extremely heavy
Laghima- Supernatural power to become weightless
Prapti- Supernatural power to be omnipresent
Prakambya- Supernatural power to achieve desires
Ishitva- Supernatural power to possess Lordship
Vashitva- Supernatural power to conquer everything

According to an ancient belief, the ‘Ardhanareshwar’ form of Lord Shiva has Goddess Siddhidatri as His significant half. Appeased with Lord Shiva’s worship, Goddess Siddhidatri blessed Lord Shiva with the ‘Ardhanareshwar’ form which is a symbol of Holy unification of divine feminine and male energies. In this form, half body of Lord Shiva and half body of Maa Siddhidatri unified thus creating the most powerful and divine form. As mentioned above, She is the creator of every particle that exists in this space all beings worship Her with utmost devotion in order to appease Her and to receive Siddhis from Her.

It is also believed that if a Sadhaka (devotee) worships Siddhidatri Mata with utmost devotion and according to the vidhi as mentioned in the Holy ancient Scriptures an individual is blessed with the Siddhi that makes one realize that all that exists is Brahman or Supreme Being and He can attain anything he wants from this universe

How to worship Siddhidatri?

The ninth day of Navratri is also known as Navami. As it is the last day of Navratri, this day is celebrated with great fervor and zeal by one and all. Let us take a look at how Siddhidatri Mata is worshipped.

Puja Vidhi

Maa Siddhidatri

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Siddhidatri Mantra

Om Hreem Shri Siddhidatri Durgaaye Namaha

9th day of Navratri Mantra
“Om Devi Siddhidatryai Namah”
Siddha Gandharva Yakhsadyairasurairamarairapi |
Sevyamana Sada Bhuyat Siddhida Siddhidayini ||
Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Maa Siddhidatri Rupena Samsthita |
Namastasye Namastasye Namastasye Namo Namah ||

Beej Mantra
|| Jai Mata Di ||

  • On the ninth day of Navratri, wake up early in the morning and purify your body by taking bath and wearing clean clothes
  • Now in the puja altar where you will perform the Siddhidatri puja, light ghee lamp, incense sticks, and dhoop
  • Now with a clear mind do the Aatma Poojan for self-purification
  • Now apply tilak on your forehead and perform the Achaman vidhi by taking some water in your palm and drinking it.
  • Now do the Kalash Pujan to remove all the negativity from the house
  • Now make a Sankalpa by taking water in your hand and making a wish in your mind to the Goddess
  • Offer nine varieties of flowers to the Goddess.
  • Wash Her feet by pouring water on Siddhidatri Goddess’s feet.
  • Now offer water mixed with camphor
  • While doing this process make sure you are chanting the Siddhidatri mantra

    “Om Devi Siddhidatryai Namah”
    Siddha Gandharva Yakhsadyairasurairamarairapi |
    Sevyamana Sada Bhuyat Siddhida Siddhidayini ||
    Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Maa Siddhidatri Rupena Samsthita |
    Namastasye Namastasye Namastasye Namo Namah ||”
  • Now offer Holy bath to the goddess by bathing Her with cow milk, ghee, honey, sugar and panchamrit
  • Now do Her Sringaar by offering Her Red Saree and adorning Her with jewelry
  • Apply Sandalwood tilak on the forehead of Maa Siddhidatri.
  • Apply Kumkum, Kajal, Bilvapatra and Druvapatra
  • Sing Siddhidatri Aarti which is as follows
  • जय सिद्धिदात्री माँ तू सिद्धि की दाता। तु भक्तों की रक्षक तू दासों की माता॥
    तेरा नाम लेते ही मिलती है सिद्धि। तेरे नाम से मन की होती है शुद्धि॥
    कठिन काम सिद्ध करती हो तुम। जभी हाथ सेवक के सिर धरती हो तुम॥
    तेरी पूजा में तो ना कोई विधि है। तू जगदम्बें दाती तू सर्व सिद्धि है॥
    रविवार को तेरा सुमिरन करे जो। तेरी मूर्ति को ही मन में धरे जो॥
    तू सब काज उसके करती है पूरे। कभी काम उसके रहे ना अधूरे॥
    तुम्हारी दया और तुम्हारी यह माया। रखे जिसके सिर पर मैया अपनी छाया॥
    सर्व सिद्धि दाती वह है भाग्यशाली। जो है तेरे दर का ही अम्बें सवाली॥
    हिमाचल है पर्वत जहां वास तेरा। महा नंदा मंदिर में है वास तेरा॥
    मुझे आसरा है तुम्हारा ही माता। भक्ति है सवाली तू जिसकी दाता॥

  • Once the Siddhidatri Aarti is performed invite nine young girls below the age of ten at your home for bhojan (meal). Apply tilak on the forehead of these girls and do aarti and again chant the Siddhidatri Mantra and take blessings from them. This vidhi is a symbol of worshipping all the nine goddesses in the form of Kanya. It is also known as Kanya Pujan. Once, the girls are done having the meal. Offer them gifts like dress material, a small vessel, flower, and some sweets, you can also offer money.
  • Now distribute the Prasad among everyone
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