Shivling Nandi Trishul Abhishek Set - L


INR 9,075


A Shiv Abhishek set made in heavy, shiny Brass, is complete with a Brass Shivling, Nandi(Bull), Tripod stand with Pot for Abhishek, a Trishul with stand and a plate with elevated sides, to hold the Abhishek liquid. This set is a must for every home to conduct the sacred bathing, Abhishek, of Shivling. Each item of this set is crafted skilfully and looks beautiful. The Shivling has traditional design patterns carved on the stand of the Yoni base and looks perfect with the Snake wrapped around the Lingam, extending its fanned hood on the top of the Lingam. Nandi, the Bull, Lord Shiva’s Vahana(vehicle) and devout devotee is carved excellently, in detail of posture and meditative expression. The Trishul has a Damru(Lord Shiva’s musical instrument) attached to it. The Abhishek pot is neatly carved and sits well on the holder at the top of the tripod stand. The raised sides of the shiny Brass plate prevents spillage of the Abhishek liquid and keeps the process neat.

The Shivling is an abstract representation of infinite Lord Shiva. Performing Abhishek is the traditional way of worshipping the Shivling. Generally water and milk are used for bathing the Shivling but curd, ghee(clarified butter), honey are some other liquids which are also used. Lord Shiva is easy to please and benevolently blesses devotees with peace, prosperity, harmonious relationship, spiritual advancement, enhanced awareness, fulfilment of wishes and Moksha.

This Shivling Nandi Trishul Abhishek set in Brass is easy to maintain, long lasting and is apt for conducting Abhishek at home. During summer water can be kept in the Abhishek pot to keep water falling in drops from the hole at the bottom of the pot, which is a tradition followed in Shiva temples.

Bring home this attractive Shiv Abhishek set in Brass and worship Lord Shiva to garner His grace. This set is an excellent gift idea for fellow devotees.

Dimension of Shivlingam:-
Height till snake: 5 inches
Length of the Yoni Base: 4.6 inches
Width of Yoni Base: 3.2 inches
Weight: 1.065 Kgs

Dimension of Nandi:-
Height: 3.1 inches
Width: 2.4 inches
Depth: 3.4 inches
Weight: 597 gms

Dimension of Stand:
Height: 7 inches
Weight: 453 gms

Dimension of Pot:
Height: 3.3 inches
Top diameter: 2.1 inches
Weight: 58 gms

Dimension of Trishul stand:-
Height: 9.75 inches
Width: 2.5 inches
Depth: 2.5 inches
Weight: 300 gms

Dimension of Plate:
Diameter of Plate: 12 inches
Weight of Plate: 555 gms

Total Height of Kit: approx. 9.80 inches
Total Weight of Kit: approx. 3.025 Kgs