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  • Icon of Laxmi or Supari on White rice representing 9 forms of Laxmi
  • A gold or silver coin to represent Laxmi for her bath
  • Handkerchiefs or pieces of cloth for wiping the coin representing Laxmi after it has been bathed
  • Low stool(s) with square or rectangular tops (chouki or patta), 1 big one, or 2 small ones
  • Ledger and account books, books where balance sheets are kept, cash box or safe or drawer where valuables are kept, coin purse made of cloth
  • Pen
  • Ink pot, filled with black ink
  • Coins - gold, silver or currency
  • Three platters (thali)
  • Incense (dhupa) preferably incense sticks
  • Diyas- 2 big, 8 small. You can have 5, 11, 21, 51, or 101 lamps. These are the numbers in which they are traditionally used.
  • Cotton for wicks or ready made wicks
  • Matchbox
  • Sesame oil
  • Clarified butter prepared at home (or desi ghee)
  • Milk (dugdha)
  • Curds (dadhi)
  • Honey (madhu)
  • Water (at least clean and pure), if not from the Ganga or a place of pilgrimage
  • Panchamrta - Milk, curds, honey, ghee and pure water, together make up panchamrta or the five amrtas
  • Madhuparka - Milk, curds, honey and ghee mixed together, also make madhuparka
  • A container for madhuparka - if not made of precious metal, at least a decorative one
  • Turmeric and lime powdered and mixed (roli). This is an extremely important ingredient
  • Sandalwood powder, red and white, made into paste candana
  • Untwisted red thread (mouli or kalava)
  • Unbroken grains of rice (aksata or cavala)-an extremely important ingredient, at least half a kilogram.
  • Metal or earthenware water pot (kalasa).
  • White cloth - 2 meters - to be spread for the yajamana to sit on
  • Red cloth - 2 meter - to wrap around the copra or spread on the chouki to represent the nine planets
  • Tissues or paper towel
  • Camphor
  • Dried coconut (meva)
  • Flowers and petals (of rose and marigold)
  • Garlands (of rose and marigold)
  • Fruit according to the season (rtufala), for example, bananas, apples, grapes, pomegranates, custard apples
  • Dry fruit
  • Parched rice (khila)
  • Cloves (lavanga or long) 15 or 20.
  • Gardamoms (elaici)
  • Saffron (kesara, dried stamens of the plant Messua ferria) - one small packet or sachet
  • Vermillion (sindura)
  • Nutmeg - 16 
    *In absence of any of the above items please use unbroken raw Rice.

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  • You rise people consciousness to a better blissful life

    Dear Neetaji, Namaste. How joyful it was, to discover the emerald and the pearl ! I am very satisfied and so happy with all the gift, thank you so much. Now I wait a Muhurta to wear my gemstones, I feel more protected and uplifted. Sat chit Ananda. You rise people consciousness to a better blissful life, you are doing a great job, so divine! I'll recommend the rudra center to my friends, I wish you prosperity and abundance. God bless you. Kelig. close

    - Kelig Laperche
  • I was very satisfied

    Namaste Ms. Neeta, I received my items today and I was very satisfied with all of it, especially the pearl bracelet, I also love the 27+1 Rudra braclet. I just want to thank you for everything, I really appreciate it. You will see me ordering in the future with you, and I will recommend people to you. Thanks a whole lot. Vinda close

    - Vinda Mahadeo
  • They have helped tremendously where no doctor or medicine could have done

    Dear Shree Neetaji, Everyday I've been wearing malas you specially designed for me, thank you so much. Now I understand meaning of "Synergistic Combinations" of malas in that various malas and mukhis enhance or interact with one another for fetching and accelarating good results when required. At first when this was explained to me, I couldn't understand what it meant but now after wearing the different combinations together, I feel changes and know exactly what it feels. I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the wonderful malas you designed for me. Due to the types of health problems I h close

    - Sudhir
  • You sell Happiness as a business product

    I have all the rudraksha from 1 mukhi to 18 mukhi (mix of nepal and java) from you and they work miraculously when it comes to physical healing and self empowerment. My wife who is an MD Cardiologist with Fortis and Holy spirit hospital in Mumbai has also benefitted from the one mukhi java and the career success mala. From my personal experience, though I wear a diamond ring, a pearl ring and a Yellow Sapphire ring, I feel only wearing rudraksha beads give me release of stress and peace of mind. close

    - Pritish Nadkarni, Mumbai
  • They work miraculously when it comes to chakra balancing and wealth opportunities

    Jai Durga and a Happy Tuesday. I rarely access my yahoo account and just came across these email threads today in my inbox. I am quite amused by the queries asked. All I can tell people is that I am a big fan of Neeta because of her dedication and deligence in providing people with the right information on Rudraksha beads and gemstones. I have all the rudrakshas from 1 mukhi Java to 18 mukhi (nepal and java) from RudraCentre and they work miraculously when it comes to chakra balancing and wealth opportunities. My wife who is an MD Cardiologist with Fortis and Holyspirit hospital in Mumbai has close

    - Pritish Nadkarni, Mumbai
  • I have received extra ordinary results within 30 minutes

    OM NAMAH SHIVAYA!!! I am writing to inform you that I have received extra ordinary results within 30 minutes of wearing my beautiful pearl ring, thank you very much Sunil Dixit close

    - Sunil Dixit
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