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Lakshmi Puja Items For Diwali: Buying Lakshmi Puja Samagri online

Puja Samagri plays a significant role in fulfilling the aim of a particular puja ritual or ceremony. Every item or samagri holds a divine energy and the power to attract certain deity principles while possessing a particular divine energy in self. We, at Rudra Centre bring a complete range of auspicious Lakshmi Pujan Samagri which comprises of all the necessary items that are required while performing the puja.

In Vedic literature and astrology, Goddess Lakshmi rules planet Venus (Shukra) that represents opulence, beauty, riches and abundance and the day associated with goddess Lakshmi is Friday (Shukravar). Generally people worship Lakshmi to increase the strength of Venus for She is called as Sri, the most opulent deity in the spiritual world and the consort of Vishnu.

There are two ways to worship Her:

  • Everyday prayers
  • Special puja on occasions such as Dhantares and Diwali (Deepawali).

Everyday prayers:

The everyday prayer includes burning the incense sticks, lighting up an oil lamp and offering one’s obeisance to Her. One can chant simple mantras such as Om Shring Shriye Namah and Om Shreem Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha and worship Her every day within their capacity.

Special puja on occasions such as Dhantares and Diwali (Deepawali):

However, worshipping goddess Lakshmi in accordance with the Vedas on occasions such as Dhanteras or Diwali by performing a proper Lakshmi Pujan is said to bring prosperity, abundance, riches, clarity of thoughts, fulfilment of aim and success in all undertakings. Also, performing a puja Vidhi including all the Puja Samagri is said to remove all the obstacles from an individual’s life and is believed to fulfil the purpose of the Sankalp undertaken. Thus, in order to make your puja experience divine we offer you a wholesome collection of Lakshmi Pujan Samagri which includes:

Lakshmi Puja Kit
All these Puja Samagris are neatly packed in a plastic box for safe transport and easy storing purpose.
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  • Your establishment is an asset to indian culture

    Dear Madam, I have received items against order no 5273. I cant resist reiterating that the quality of the various pooja items is very very good and at a very low price. The items are so much reasonable that i feel that i should pickup them immediately otherwise they will disappear from your store. In-fact this has lead to a sense of insecurity and panic in me to lift my requirements lest i will miss them. This time I have received laxmi bandarvar, hanging shriyantra, shivalinga with silver yoni and 2 mm rudraksha mala. In fact it is very difficult to find in any market items made of pure and close

    - Vimal Goswami
  • I am feeling so good last 7 days its unbelievable

    I am feeling so good last 7 days , its unbelievable. Especially your energy and stamina. Also if you sleep wearing both Mahalaxmi and Mahashakti Kavach, you will have a very good sound sleep. Absolutely no interruptions. I used to snore sometimes. My wife said it completely stopped last 7 days sleeping with both Kavach. I used to wake up tired likely mild obstructive sleep apnea. That is completely gone. I wake up completely fresh. Mohan Rajpal,USA close

    - Mohan Rajpal, USA
  • How nicely the brahmins were being served

    To the most wonderful people at Rudra Centre: Namaste! I received the photos yesterday --- how wonderful! I could see how nicely the brahmins were being served and how much prasadam they had to eat!!! All the photos came out very nice, and I am glad that there was some extra laxmi to give to them. Thank you, so very much, for giving me the opportunity to offer some small homage to the brahmins and for letting me see this wonderful sight! I hope for all of the workers there that all of you will have many blessings throughout your lives and that all of you will return home to the spiritual sky. close

    - Teri D Covington
  • I had some wonderful divine experiences at the Pooja Time

    Thanks Dear RajeevJi, Namaste! I had some wonderful divine experiences at the Pooja Time. Thanks so so very much Rajeev ji for your entire life as a devotee Pandit. In this Kali Yuga Age lot of people doesn\\\'t know what is really important. You are doing the best work, the work to speak with Devatas on the behalf of devotees requesting them from your heart to fulfill their Sankalapa and wishes. Hats off to your great divine service !! I will be happy for see the DVD! It is a wonderful experience! Thanks, Om Namoh Baghavate Vasudevaye Carlos Lopes de Oliveira close

    - Carlos Lopes de Oliveira
  • I really love doing poojas from rudrakhsha ratna folks

    Rajeevji, It was very wonderful to watch live telecast of the entire pooja. I felt an immense peace and tranquility in the house. Thank for doing such a wonderful ritual for us and for the entire mankind. I really love doing poojas from rudrakhsha ratna folks. You been doing a wonderful service to mankind Rajeev ji. Thank again and awaiting for our Prasad. Happy shivratri!! Vidya R close

    - Vidya R
  • Haldi kumkum box - Ganesha and om

    Dear Sir / Madam .i bought a silver haldi kumkum box from your store and this haldi kumkum box of silver has a very nice art of ganpati and om on it which makes it even more auspicious and gives a nice look in my pooja Altar . i liked the product very much and would recommend other customers also for it . it came very well packed and on perfect timing which was also mentioned in the email by you . thanks for keeping me in touch with my culture although i am very far away from my homeland . Wish you all the best for Future . close

    - Ashish Giri
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