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Margashirsha Lakshmi Vrat 2021

About Margashirsha

The ninth month in the Hindu calendar is known as the Margashirsha. According to the Hindu Scriptures the words “Maasonam Margashirshoham,” literally means that no other month in the Hindu calendar is as auspicious as the month of Margashirsha. This year the Margashirsha month in North India will start from 20th November and end on 19th December. In South India it will start from 5th December and will end on January 2nd, 2022.

The Hindu culture is full of rich history which comprises of many festivals, traditions and rituals that hold immense significance and offer benefic results if followed as per the ancient Holy Scriptures. Each festival has its own charm and a lesson to learn from.


Significance of Margashirsha as per Holy Scriptures and Hindu Astrology

As mentioned in the Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna declared that He himself is Margashirsha month. It is during this month that Lord Krishna imparted the knowledge regarding the significance of this month to Gopis. He said that bathing in the Yamuna River during the month of Margashirsh brings a devotee closer to Him. Hence, taking bath in Ganges or Yamuna River is considered extremely sacred during this month.

The first day of Margashirsha month is considered as the first day of the year by the Devas in the Satyug. During this month, devotees should bath in rivers and chant Namo Narayanaya Mantra or Gayatri mantra while taking a holy dip. Devotees must perform Bhajans and Kirtans throughout Margashirsha period.

As per Hindu Astrology the onset of Mrigasira star is related to the Margashirsha month and the Mrigashira nakshatra marks the beginning of Margashirsha Purnima which is also known as the Margashirsha month or Agahan or Magsar and Agrahayan.


Margashirsha Purnima

Margashirsha Purnima is believed to be sacred and auspicious. Devotee’s worship Lord Satyanarayana on Margashirsha Purnima as it is believed praying over Lord Satyanarayan would relieve them of all problems and wash the past sins. During this month taking bath in Yamuna or Ganga is considered highly significant. Also, making donations and charity is believed to wash away all the sins. If a devotee does good deeds and helps others on the day of ‘Udyatithi’ Purnima it is said that he/she would reap results which are 32 times better than usual. Hence, Margashirsha Purnima is also popularly known as the Battisi Purnima.


Legend of Margashirsha Purnima

Margashirsha Purnima is also popularly celebrated as the Dattatreya Jayanti. It was on this day that Lord Dattatreya was born. According to the holy religious texts, Lord Dattatreya is believed to be an incarnation of the trinity namely Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Lord Dattatreya is also known as Gurudevadatta as He possesses the qualities of the Lord as well as the Master.


About Margashirsha Guruvar

Fasting plays a pivotal role in the month of Margashirsha especially on all Thursdays which are known as “Margashirsha Guruvar Vrat” or the “Margashirsha Laxmi Vrat”. Margashirsha being the most auspicious month in the entire year according to the Hindu calendar, observing fast on every Thursday is believed to appease Goddess Lakshmi and She blesses Her devotees abundantly. According to a popular belief, one who observes the margashirsha laxmi vrat is blessed with all the materialistic comforts, emotional stability and spiritual growth.


Significance of Margashirsha Guruvar

In the month of Margashirsha, on every Thursday Laxmi Puja is done and fast is observed by devotees. Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth. She is the deity who offers prosperity and good fortune to Her devotees. Observing Margashirsha Lakshmi Vrat or the Thursday fast is believed to be highly rewarding and blissful for devotees. The Margashirsha Lakshmi Puja is performed either at home or in a Lakshmi Maa temple. Performing the Margashirsha Lakshmi Puja and vrat solves all problems and removes obstacles from life. In Maharashtra, just like Shravan Somwar which falls in Shravan mass, the Margashirsha Guruvar vrat is observed. Given below are the dates of the Laxmi Puja Vrat 2021 Dates

Margashirsha Laxmi Puja Vrat 2021 Dates

    North India
  • November 25th, 2021
  • December 02nd, 2021
  • December 09th, 2021
  • December 16th, 2021
    South India
  • December 09th, 2021
  • December 16th, 2021
  • December 23th, 2021
  • December 30th, 2021

Margashirsha Purnima in 2021 - 19th December, 2021 (North India)

Marghashirsha Vrat Vidhi

The Laxmi Puja and fasting are performed by both men and women. Married couples perform it together. The devotees worship Goddess Lakshmi in eight forms: Shri Dhan Lakshmi Maa, Shri Gaj Lakshmi Maa, Shri Veer Lakshmi Maa, Shri Aishwarya Lakshmi Maa, Shri Vijaya Lakshmi Maa, Shri Adi Lakshmi Maa, Shri Dhanya Lakshmi Maa, and Shri Santan Lakshmi Maa.

  • The fast begins from Thursday morning – after bathing prayers are offered to Lord Ganesha and goddess Laxmi.
  • Install an idol of Goddess Mahalakshmi on a pedestal or a platform where you will perform daily aarti and worship Her.
  • Take a Kalash or pot and dress it with red coloured cloth.
  • Draw Four lines and swastika with Kumkum or Rangoli. This indicates Chatur Veda and represents purity and prosperity in one’s life.
  • Place the kalash on the rangoli
  • Now fill the Kalash with water. Submerge 5 leaves of mango tree half inside the Kalash with the steam inside the water and the tip outside the kalash.
  • Now place a coconut on the top of the Kalash.
  • Sanctified rice (akshata) and coins must be put in the pot or Kalash water.
  • As an offering ensure you offer five seasonal fresh fruits like apple, orange, pears, sweet lemon and pomegranate, bananas in front of Goddess Laxmi.
  • Decorate the tables with flowers, diyas, deepa and dhoop in front of the Kalash
  • Once this is done, with a focused mind, read the ‘Mahalakshmi Vrat Katha’ and also recite various mantra which are recited to Lakshmi like Ashtottara, Satanamavali and Lakshmi Sahasranama Stotra during the whole process.
  • Some people observe the fast for full day while few observe fast till sunset and break the fast in the evening by feasting upon nine varieties of delicious food including sweets and sawaiyan.
  • Offering Prayers to Goddess Lakshmi brings good luck and prosperity. Few married couples too observe the fast together as it is believed to strengthen the bond between couple just like Lakshmi-Narayan.

Names of Goddess Mahalaxmi

Goddess Mahalaxmi is one of the most revered and worshipped among all Deities. Goddess Mahalaxmi is often worshipped in Her eight forms namely the Ashta Lakshmi. Each of the Ashta Lakshmi namely Aadi Lakshmi, Santhana Lakshmi, Gaja Lakshmi, Dhana Lakshmi, Dhaanya Lakshmi, Vijaya Lakshmi, Veera Lakshmi and Aiswarya Lakshmi represent one form of wealth. Goddess Mahalaxmi is not only provider of wealth She has many other forms; as Bhoodevi, the earth-goddess She nurtures life and as Shreedevi She provides fortune and prosperity.

Some other names of Goddess Mahalaxmi include Hira meaning jewel, Indira meaning the powerful one, Jaladhi-ja meaning the ocean-born and Lokamata meaning the mother of the world. To Her devotees Goddess Mahalaxmi is not only provider of wealth as in materialistic riches and possessions but other types of wealth such as moral and ethical values, spiritual knowledge, mind and intellect as well amongst others.

Mahalaxmi Mantra:

"Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamale Kamalalaye Praseed Praseed Shreem Hreem Shreem Om Mahalakshmaye Namah"

Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra :

"Om Shree Mahalaksmeh Vidmahe Vishnupatnyai Cha Dheemahi Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayat"

Benefits of Margashirsh and Margashirsh Lakshmi Vrat

  • Unmarried ladies who take bath in the Yamuna River during the month of Margashirsh or on Margashirsha Purnima are said to get married fast
  • Offers monetary bliss and abundance
  • Calms the mind and soothes the soul
  • Helps attain spiritual growth
  • Attracts happiness and prosperity in life
  • Brings peace and positivity in life

List of Margashirsha Festivals

  • Kalabhairav Jayanti
  • Utpanna Ekadashi
  • Vivah Panchami
  • Gita Jayanti
  • Mokshada Ekadashi
  • Dattatreya Jayanti
  • Annapurna Jayanti


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