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Mudras - Yoga in your Hands


INR 300


Authored by: Gertrud Hirschi
Published by: Sri Satguru Publications

Details: Discover the calming power and positive effects of mudra techniques.

Our fingers have enormous power. With the right positioning for prescribed period; the fingers of both hands can rejuvenate the body, heal diseases and even slowly, over time, make a spiritual awakening happen, Mudras can be practiced in all the ways.

The Healing power of Mudras details several beneficial Mudras, and provides a holistic view of physical and spiritual healing. The right colors, foods, thoughts and ambience combined with regular Mudra practice will make for a new and healthy you.

Dimension: 7.75" (H) X 6.25" (W)
Depth: 20mm
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 223