Saturn the King Maker


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Authored by: Mridula Trivedi, T.P. Trivedi
Published by: Motilal Banarasidass Publishers

The author Mridula Trivedi sheds new light on the lesser-known characteristics of the role of Saturn as The King maker. The book demystifies the commonly held view about Saturn mysterious and enigmatic character, and describes at length its constructive role in molding the basic pattern of life.

The worldly phenomena as well as mental states are at times quite complex and contradictor. A man suffers acute misery but harbors chances of excellent well being even. This is so because the causes of many complex and contradictory effects are the enigmatic behavior of Saturn, which dominates the native's horoscope. While it cripples, it rejuvenates too. I makes one a pauper and yet makes him a king too. This king-making role of Saturn is the central theme of the book Saturn: The King Maker.

  • Saturn's Multidimensional Analysis
  • Saturn's Placement in the Twelve Houses
  • Saturn in the Twelve Signs & Aspects
  • Saturn the King Maker
  • Conclusion
Dimension: 8.75 (L) x 5.5 inches
Width: 33mm
Format: Paperback
No of pages: 468
Language: English


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