Secrets of Matruka Yantra Rahasyam


INR 100.00


The book ‘Secrets of Matraka Yantras’ by Poojya Swamiji Sri Nadananda Theerth, contains invaluable accounts of his experience in detail on Matraka Nyasa. It is the first of its kind in Tantra shastra. Swamiji has illustrated his experiences on this realm, in pictures as revealed to him in his meditations, analysis and academic studies of 12 committed years. The attempt is wondrous and the book is third in its series on different aspects of Srividya worship. The Book is sure to illumine many an aspirants path. The pictures and explanations will serve as great source of inspiration for our journey towards the ultimate.

Dimension of Book: 8.15 (H) X 5.7 (L) inches
Width: 0.2 inches
Format: Paperback 
Total Number of Pages: 56