Shri Krishna Prarthana - The Complete Prayer


INR 495


Translation & Transliteration by: Jago Fore - Lingua
Published by: Living Media India Ltd.,

This is a complete book of all the essential chants and prayers offered to beloved deity, Shri Krishna. The book contains the original text, which is accompanied by the transliteration and translation in English. It provides for the reader a wholesome religious and spiritual experience. It is the most deeply researched and exhaustive spiritual book available today, with 2 Free CDs.

  • Shri Krishna Gayatri,
  • Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya,
  • Shri Nandu Kumarrashtakam,
  • Shri Achhudashtakam,
  • Shri Madhurashtakam,
  • Shri Govindashtakam,
  • Shri Krishnashtakam,
  • 108 Namavali,
  • Chatuhshloki,
  • Shri Govinda Damodar Stotram,
  • Shri Krishna Chalisa,
  • Lunj Bihari Ki Aarti,
  • Govind Bolo Hari Gopal Bolo,
  • Kshama Prarthana.

  • Dimension: 8.25 (H) X 5.75 (W) inches
    Depth: 37 mm
    Binding: Hardbound
    Format: Paperback
    Total number of Pages: 422