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Mahashivratri, the Great Night of Lord Shiva is on 4th March 2019, Monday. This is the highly auspicious time for invoking the blessings of Lord Shiva. As per the Vedas, the Universal spiritual energy generated by the favorable planetary positions is at its peak during this time On this day, people glorify Lord Shiva by performing various rituals throughout the night. On this day, the cosmos is super charged with the shambhu tatvas making it the most appropriate time for spiritual activities. One can perform Shiv Pujas on this festival as they are auspicious and are powerful. Worshipping Lord Shiva and performing Shiva Abhishekam is considered supremely meritorious and beneficial. Mahashivratri puja has a profound impact on the Supreme Lord’s devotees. According to Shiva Purana, the Mahashivratri puja must compulsorily incorporate the following six items Bael Leaves, Vermilion Paste, Fruits preferably Ber (jujube fruit) or Datura, Incense, Oil Lamp and Betel Leaves in their worship. The Mahashivratri night is divided into four Prahars or quarters and special prayers are offered during each quarter. At the end of each quarter, Shiva Abhishekam is done with Milk, Gangajal, Yoghurt, Honey, Sandalwood Paste and Rose Water. Shiva Bhajans (Hymns in praise of Shiva) are sung throughout, enhancing festivities. One can wear Rudraksha which is dearest to Lord Shiva. Wearing Rudraksha and meditating on Him on this day purifies one’s self from without and within. As a result, one is freed of all sins and is blessed with Nirvana or Moksha. One can also install Shiva Yantras and meditate on them. An energized Shiva Yantra promotes spiritual energies of balance, wakefulness, tranquility, strength and clarity. Worshipping or meditating on the Yantra awakens the consciousness to receive the boundless grace of Lord Shiva.