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Rudraksha A Therapeutic ApproachLarge genus (Elaeocarpus Linn) of trees belonging to the family Eleocarpaceae are distributed from South and East Asia through Malaysia to Australia and Pacific Islands. About 25 species occur in India. Nepal has the largest spread of these trees that produce the healthiest and the largest varieties of these beads. Morphologically, the leaves are oblong with protruding veins an bright green in colour. Flowers are white in dense racemes, arising mostly from old leaf aisles. Drupe, deep or Bluish purple, globose or obovoid (0.5 - 1.0 in diameter) enclosing a hard, longitudinally grooved, tubercle normally five-celled stone. In which five seeds are embedded.

Rudraksha beads have mukhas or 'faces' that differ in number and this is what distinguishes them from each other. The percentage of mukhis that are 4,5,6 faced is more than those having 2,3,7,8,9,10 faced and the mukhis other than this are most rare. The therapeutic and spiritual attributes of Rudraksha beads is dependent on the number of 'faces' it exhibits. Beads having a single face to about twenty eight faces have been found. The Rudraksha is treasured by the followers of one of the Hindu trinity called Siva the Destroyer. According to the Siva Purana, It is impossible to describe adequately the benefits of wearing a bead as auspicious as Rudraksha.

In Ayurveda, Rudraksha is useful in the treatment of high blood pressure, allergies, neurological diseases, asthma, diabetes, cancer and many other Raktavaha Srotadhikara (blood circulatory disorders) and Manas Rogas (mental disorders), due to its Guru (heaviness), Snigdha Guna (greasy nature) Madhura Rasa, Madhura Vapaka and Sita Virya (cooling properties) and Vata Pitta samaka pharmacodynamic action.

On the basis of above mentioned pharmacodynamic properties and actions, the significance of various types of beads of Rudraksha (Actually it is a phalasthi (fruit) which is the used part of this tree) can be considered.

External therapeutic uses of Rudraksha can be performed by Darsana (By looking like tratak in Yoga) and Sparsana (By wearing the beads).

On the basis of pharmacological experiments by experts, it has been proven that Rudraksha is beneficial in the treatment of neurological and mental disorders. It has been found that smaller or medium sized Rudraksha beads are the most effective for wearing and japam. Moreover, during japam (meditation with chanting) using the Rudraksha mala and keeping the beads a little pressed between the thumb and the middle finger develops a pressure between the two, therefore improving blood circulation in the eye and brain (Acupressure Theory). The beads can be worn on the wrist, forearms, neck, chest, head, forehead, earlobes and around the midrib. A Rudraksha mala can be made of 108, 54, 36, 27 or 18 beads. But one must use only a stronger, well-formed and flawlessly grooved Rudraksha. The beads with the natural holes in the centre are the best.

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Rudraksha is also administered in powdered form in dosage of 3-5 gm or mixed with other Ayurveda herbs. The internal administration improves their effectiveness and shortens the treatment period. It acts as an anticonvulsant and analgesic on the nervous system. The systemic action of Rudraksha is as follows:

  • The application of lepa of Pancha mukhi beads leads to pacification of Pitta or Dahasamana as like as chandana and apply on Masurika eruption.
  • Wearing of Eka Mukhi (one faced) beads fulfils desire.
  • Wearing of Dwi Mukhi (Two faced) ensures control of desires.
  • Rubbing of Tri Mukhi (three faced) in milk and applied to the eye in eye ailments. Three faced beads are useful in curing indigestion.
  • Wearing of Chatur Mukhi (four faced) can increase grasping power and intelligence.
  • Wearing of Pancha Mukhi (five faced) increases mental peace, normalizes blood circulation. Five faced beads are effective in the treatment of circulatory system disorders like hypertension. It affects the respiratory system by acting as a bronchodilator.
  • The six-faced beads are particularly effective in the treatment of arthritis and bone pains.
  • Wearing of seven faced Rudraksha increases will power.
  • Wearing of (Eight faced) beads increases concentration, develops knowledge and removes obstacles in proposed plans and works.
  • Nine-faced beads are effective in the treatment of depression, neurotic disorders.
  • Wearing of Dasa Mukhi (Ten faced) useful in spiritual enlightenment and reduces mental stress and strain. Rudraksha is also known as Bhuta Nasana (literally, destroying ghosts) due to its action in relieving mental disorders.
  • Nine-faced beads are effective in the treatment of depression, neurotic disorders.
  • Moreover, these beads are also useful in lowering the body temperature and act as an antipyretic agent during fever.

Form of Uses: The Rudraksha beads are taken orally and externally in the form of Kvatham, Milk, Bhasma (ash), Vibhuti, Tailam (oil), Kalkam, Mandap, Kirtanan, Mala etc.

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  • How truly passionate your company is about the power of rudraksha

    Hello, I received my two rudraksha order yesterday and want to express how impressed I am by your packaging, service, and speed. First, I am amazed by how quickly you shipped my rudraksha, along with providing all the necessary information for me to track it. Secondly, when I opened the package, I was delighted to see not only my rudrakshas, but the splendid gifts from you! The instruction pamphlet and history of rudraksha is very helpful, along with the mala. On top of that to receive the Ganesh CD and Ganesh Murti shows how well your company understands and exceeds when it comes to customer close

    - Amit Hari Vyas
  • I was wonder stuck by the power and beauty of the mala

    Respected Neeta Ji / RC team, I got introduced to Rudraksha by chance (indirectly) from my mother-in-law at her native place. After that I became very curious about Rudraksha and started searching the internet for more and more information and I landed up on your website and subsequently got my (first) Nepal Sidha Mala from you. The day I got it (around July 2008) - and when I saw it - I was wonder stuck by the power and beauty of the mala and the beads and the divine sandalwood aroma too !!!. It has been a roller coaster ride for me after wearing Sidha Mala - all mostly good and anything supp close

    - Jaisimha
  • Rudraksha is very very powerful

    Bright Blessings, The Rudraksha is very very powerful and in a short time I can tell you that from experience. I have now become a collector of the larger beads, the ones I can afford of course. I have also received a Rudraksha Cleaning kit from the Rudra Centre for when required. I am not Hindu, I am Wiccan and come from the UK, but I have given these Beads to my friends and family and members of my Group, everyone has felt the power and they have helped them all in many ways. Lord Shiva has seemingly chosen me as one of his followers and he always lets me know he is around. Believe in Him an close

    - Sandra
  • Hoping to get higher levels of consciousness through you

    Dear Neeta Madam,   Namaste. Thank you for your advice. I like and inspired with your highly powerful words of wisdom and feel motivated. Will put it into practice soon. I realise that most of my issues are centred in lack of love , always looking for faults in others and easily getting emotional and irritated over trivial issues etc. I will try to change my attitude and start spreading the message of love. I too feel often that we are all manifestations of god due to maya. I tried chanting Gayatri mantra so many times in the past as part of my daily ritual - sandhyavandhan since I am a b close

    - Naraiyanan G
  • Experiences with 4 mukhi

    I've collected many rudrakshas through the years and had them strung and restrung many times. Twelve years ago when I worked for a legal firm, I was assigned with some  colleagues to a project that required many months of difficult hard work, concentration, insights, scrutiny of papers, compiling files and folders of papers, etc, and client interviews. It was one of the most difficult cases and something didn't meet the eye and the client had a 'faulty memory'. My colleagues and I discussed rudrakshas one day and we decided to go for 4 mukhi malas. Each of us performed the relevant mantra close

    - Narasimhaye
  • Able to attract any woman that I like

    Ever since purchasing the 13 mukhi (2 weeks ago) I have thought that "oh yeah I am going to be able to attract any woman that I like."  from what I have seen the 13 mukhi does attract women to you. It actually brings them to you somehow. They will entice you or flirt with you as a result of wearing it, they however may not be as beautiful as you desire. What I have read is that the 13 mukhi like all rudrakshas creates noble character in the true rurdrakshari. So the 13 mukhi even though it attracts will fundamentally take you to the right partner, because it will create harmonious married close

    - Tej
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