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Gemstones and Astrology


Gemstones and Astrology

Gemstones and Astrology

Gemstones and astrology go hand in hand. There are nine planets that play a vital role in every human being’s life and there are nine gemstones that represent these nine planets. As per astrology, certain specific gemstones can reduce the malefic effects of the planets on a person’s horoscope. Wearing gemstone as per kundali can help you effectively reduce the ill effects of certain planets.

Each of the nine planets is ruled by a particular deity and a certain gemstone aligns to each of planet as well. Here is a list of the nine planets and their coordinating gemstones.

Jupiter Sadasiva Yellow sapphire
Sun Shiva Ruby
Mercury Krishna Emerald
Moon Gauri, Krishna White pearl
Saturn Hanuman or Kali Blue sapphire
Rahu Durga Gomed
Ketu Ganesha Cat's Eye
Mars Skanda, Hanuman, Kartikeya Red Coral
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There are different ways in which these gemstones should be worn for maximum effect. One of the gemstone astrology remedies suggest them gemstones should be worn as rings, pendants or malas while being paired with gold, silver or other metals. Every gemstone has its own power and ruling planet. Here are the details of how these gemstones align with their planets and help reduce the ill effects of those planets on our lives.

      Sun – The Sun, which represents heat and vital energy provides energy to all other planets in the solar system. Therefore, we can also say that Sun is the leader of all planets. The fiery red Ruby is the gemstone that aligns with the Sun. When one wears the Ruby, it gives him/her the ability to command and stay super energized.

      Moon – The Moon has a direct effect on people’s moods and feelings. A weak Moon in your astrological charts can cause mood swings, anxiety, depression and the mental inability to deal with people in general. The white pearl helps the wearer gain control over his/her thoughts. Wearing a pearl enhances mental stability and brings contentment in your life.

      Mercury – Also known as Buddha has power over the logical side of your mind. ‘Buddhi’ means intelligence and the beautiful green gemstone, emerald aligns with Mercury. It enhances one’s communication skills, mental control as well as memory.

      Mars – The red planet, also known as Mangal in Sanskrit signifies passion. The red coral stone is believed to draw the powers of Mars. These energies kindle understanding, courage, and the capability to win over your foes. Anyone with a weak Mars will experience lack of confidence, fear, lethargy or temper issues.

      Jupiter – This auspicious planet imparts wisdom, enthusiasm and compassion. Anyone with a weak Jupiter experiences clouded judgment, moodiness, or self-pity. Wearing a Yellow Sapphire can help you attract the good qualities associated with Jupiter or Guru. It will also strengthen the position of Jupiter in your horoscope.

      Venus – It is a planet that blesses you with opulence, luxury, and pleasures. Diamond is its gemstone and it inculcates artistic qualities, charm and grace in a person’s life.

      Saturn – This is the planet of Shani, the planet of hardships and struggle. If the Saturn in your cosmic chart is weak you can experience diseases, stress, vulnerability, financial struggles and much more. Wearing a blue sapphire, stabilize the aggressive effects of the planet. One should wear this highly powerful stone only after expert consultation.

      Ketu – The ill effects of Ketu can cause lack of concentration, doubt, and fear in one’s mind. Ketu is the planet of spiritual awakening and the gemstone that coordinates with it is cat’ eye. The wearer of this gemstone benefits the increased powers of Ketu.

      Rahu – This planet that represents clarity of mind and self-awareness. Its ill effects comprise addictive behavior, lack of respect for others, bizzare reactions and the likes. The hessonite garnet gemstone is what keeps these negative effects away.
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