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Power of Gemstones:

Gemstones in the ancient ages were used for healing and spiritual rituals. Their value as personal wealth emerged centuries later. Although gemstones were exceptional with great magnificence, the reason they were so prized was the power they imparted to their wearers. They contain cosmic powers transmitted through contact with one’s body which balanced chakras and empowered the wearer in many ways. Kings and queens would have gemstones set in their crowns to obtain their potencies. The inherent powers of gemstones are recognized by modern science in the technological uses of crystals in watches, lasers, and computers, but the more subtle potencies, such as their ability to promote physical healing in the body, and their power to help balance human emotions, elude discovery.

Wearing the gems the right way:

Once a proper stone is obtained after consultation with an expert, it needs to be set in either a ring or pendant for wearing on the body. The gem must be set in such a way that the stone comes into contact with the skin. We at Rudra Centre offer gemstones in rings, bracelets and lockets strung as per traditional Vedic astrology to give you complete effects. Wear the Gems as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy and you would receive only 100% beneficial results.

Rings: We offer rings in gold and silver with designs that take your fancy. Designs fall into three classes; heavy/exotic designs, medium-heavy designs and regular/slim designs, for precious and semi-precious stones. The size depends on the amount of gold/silver used.

Bracelets: Gemstones are set in gold/silver bracelets in the design of your choice. We offer multiple bracelet making options for your gemstones (precious and semi-precious) in two designs; exotic and slim.

Lockets: Our pendants made with superior quality offer rich looks and convenience of wearing. We set your chosen gemstone in gold/silver pendant in the design of your selection. You can select either heavy/exotic design or regular/slim depending on the design and amount of gold/silver used.